The Pre-Workout

The Pre-Workout



Strawberry & Lime



20 servings per tub.

Potent, powerful, daily-use, military-safe pre-workout. Combat Fuel’s The Pre-Workout is specifically engineered for safety at the same time as packing a punch. The same applies to our entire product range, but pre-workouts typically have a shady reputation and we want to reassure that we’re completely military safe.

With 17.8g of active ingredients per scoop, it’s not one to be missed! You will achieve great focus and an increased ability to push those last few reps out, push back the onset of fatigue, and have an all-round great session. We do not use any extremely hardcore stimulants, not only making the product military-safe but also ensuring this product can be used daily without the need to have  ‘stimulant breaks’ from it. What’s more, you will not experience a crash after training as you may do with other pre-workouts.

This is a highly dosed pre-workout with several hydroscopic ingredients. Why are we telling you this? Simply to make you aware that this pre-workout can go firm, less powder like if you may and not be a fine powder. The products effectiveness is in no way compromised. We just advise using a knife or fork to loosen the product back to its powdery form should it go slightly firm.

When should I take it and how much?

15-20 minutes prior to a workout, mix 1 scoop with 200ml of water.

Why Combat Fuel?

  • Military (CDT) safe!
  • Powerful all-round formula!
  • Increased focus!
  • Awesome pumps!
  • Amazing energy!
  • No crash!
  • Market-leading 1000mg Alpha-GPC per scoop!
  • Can be used daily!
  • 17.8g of active ingredients!


Formula Breakdown

8000mg Citrulline Malate: in a 2:1 ratio, increases nitric oxide production (The Pump). Supports energy levels and is beneficial to muscular endurance, energy and recovery.

3500mg Beta Alanine: this is a non-essential amino acid. Your body uses it to produce carnosine, which helps improve exercise performance. Carnosine reduces lactic acid accumulation in your muscles during exercise, which leads to improved athletic performance.

2500mg Betaine Anhydrous: has a multitude of muscle-building benefits. These include improved muscle endurance, strength, power, and force. Increased natural production of human growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) production, and also enhanced muscle oxygen consumption.

1500mg L-Tyrosine: increases levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine.

1000mg Taurine: causes your muscles to work harder and for longer. It also increases your muscles’ ability to contract and produce force along with reducing fatigue.

1000mg Alpha GPC: works fast and helps deliver choline to the brain, and actually increases the production of acetylcholine along with cell membrane phospholipids. The compound may also increase the release of dopamine and calcium.

300mg Caffeine: is a central nervous system stimulant. When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness.

50mg Astragin: aids absorption.

This product is not categorised as a herbal medicine, it is sold as a food supplement. The statement contained on the label does not imply that thus product has any medicinal properties, use or efficacy.
This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children. *Please note: nutritional values may vary slightly between flavours. Best before end: See base of container.
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Orders are delivered by Courier and may require a signature. If you request the parcel to be left in a safe place, it is done at your own risk and Combat Fuel cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage to the parcel. Usually, packages will try to be delivered/redelivered approximately 3 times (by courier) and if, after those attempts to deliver, it will be returned at a cost to us. If you then require this to be redelivered, we will have to pass this cost onto you.

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