Who We Are

Who We Are

• Dean Holdsworth

Dean Uniform  Dean

• Sponsored Athlete

• I joined the Army in 2007 as a RSE in the Royal signals. I qualified as a AAPTI in 2008, I have been on 2 tours of Afghanistan in 2011 & 2012. Other than going to the gym I also enjoy playing football and snowboarding.

• My best military moment was receiving my OP HERRICK medal

• Worst moment: losing the football Army cup final.

• Favourite supplement: chocolate brownie protein.

• What does CF mean to you: Combat fuel isn’t just a supplement company, it is a family, a family of dedicated and committed people that give their all to others and to themselves, wether it’s at the gym or in every day to day life, being apart of the combat fuel family was one of the best decisions of my life.


 • Kelly Baker


• Sponsored Athlete

• I am a full time CrossFit Athlete of 7 years and Co-owner & Director of CrossFit Barnsley. Previous to this I was a Midwife. I have competed at numerous competitions including CrossFit sanctioned event Strength In Depth and also The European Championships for 5 consecutive years. I have also competed under British Weightlifting and won the ‘Les Green’ shield in 2016 and then went on to compete at The English Championships in 2017. I have a particular interest in mindset, something that most struggle with yet overlook. My main focus now is CrossFit Sanctional events.

• Best moment: Growing some balls to walk away from a respectable job that I had worked extremely hard for yet it made me so unhappy to follow my passion and become a CrossFit box owner.

• Worst moment: This is too hard to choose as there are many but it’s not the problem it’s how you react to it. I am a big believer in what feeds the fall fuels the fire and how you bounce back is truly what matters.

• Favourite supplement: All of them but if I had to choose one it would be Creatine. It is one of the most researched supplements out there. It is super low cost yet extremely beneficial to CrossFit training as it helps increase ATP which is required for high intensity and short terms bursts such as Olympic weightlifting, it’s a no brainer.

• What does Combat Fuel mean to you: I have gained a new family in Combat Fuel. We are a close knit productive and positive group of veterans and civilians who not only appreciate the impeccable quality of the products but the fact that a percentage from every sale is donated to help for heroes. Not to mention the tireless fundraising work they do all throughout the year. It’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of this amazing movement.


• John Carpenter


• Position: Area Fundraising Manager

• Why you joined H4H: Having been a fundraiser for the charity since 2015 the opportunity to work at Help for Heroes came about last year. I have always been inspired by the veterans I have met and wanted to do more than just fundraise. Working at Help for Heroes has given me the ability to do so much more. My role within the charity puts me in the community and I’m able to inspire the people that I meet to raise funds so that we can do more for our veterans.

• What does H4H do: Help for Heroes supports those with injuries and illnesses attributable to their service in the British Armed Forces. No matter when someone served, we believe that those prepared to put their lives second, deserve a second chance at life. Every course and activity we offer aims to empower them to look beyond illness and injury, regain their purpose, reach their potential and have a positive impact on society.

• What do you do: As an Area Fundraising   Manager for the charity, I work in the community engaging with local businesses, community groups, and schools To ensure they are aware of the charity and what we do. I’m also responsible for Supporting fundraisers to ensure they have as much support as possible.

• Favourite supplement: Cyclic Dextrin - I am a keen cyclist and this is a key part of how I fuel myself on my rides.

• Why is H4H partnered with Combat Fuel: Alex received support from Help for Heroes to aid his recovery. As a direct result of this, the founder and owner of Combat Fuel Alex has pledged to donate a minimum of 5% of Combat Fuel’s profits to Help for Heroes.

• Rick Webb

Rick In Uniform  Rick Webb  Rick Hospital

• Ambassador and PT 

• I joined the British Army in April 2005, going into The Kings Royal Hussars. I served a total of 13.5 years, in this time I promoted quickly twice to Corporal, I deployed to multiple countries on various training exercises, and I served on 2 operational tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The latter being my final active service, as I sustained life changing injuries after stepping on an IED. The last 4 years of my career were spent in a rotation of hospital, rehabilitation and recovery. 

• My best military moment was being multiple commander of 12 of the finest men, and leading them in Afghanistan. True friendship and camaraderie Is hard to find, and to this day it remains the same. 

• My worst moment was going through the aftermath of stepping on an IED and knowing one of my brothers had also sustained life changing injuries. 

• By far my favourite supplement I use is the zinc and magnesium tablets, they help an awful lot with my sleep and phantom pain.

• What it means to me is that it’s another home from home, it’s the family feel you get there like what we did with the army, the banter, the friendly competition and general feeling of brothers (and sisters) that would do anything for you and you’d do the same in return. It brings the feeling of comradeship back again, a group of veterans and civilians alike that have nothing but generosity and positivity. A true example of what being a veteran run and owned business is all about. Bravo.


 • Tanya Haeffele


• Ambassador

• I started training seriously in my 20’s predominantly body building until an overwhelming need for something new drove me to explore OCR and Endurance events 5 years ago. I’ve competed internationally at the OCR World Championships in Canada as part of Team UK which was a real honour. You can also regularly find me at the top of a mountain or 2! The mountains are a very special place for me.

• My training and coaching is now based around a solid ‘functional’ ethos and the importance that mindset plays in athlete development and sports performance. I am passionate about working with performance driven individuals and seeing them thrive. Identifying and implementing the smallest of changes to an athletes routine can have a significant impact on their development and success!

• Best moment: Winning the Summer ‘Fan Dance’ High Moon event and the ‘Black Edition’ combined event (CF) in my first ever competitive Fan Dance year (2017)! I would have been happy just to finish in one piece! I then seriously got the bug for this epic event and went on to win again in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

• Worst moment: During my first winter Fan Dance I had to admit defeat and ‘voluntarily withdraw’ 2 hours in after 2 big falls and very treacherous weather conditions. I was extremely disappointed having done so well that Summer in the same event but the mountains have a way of humbling you and helping you learn.

• Favourite supplement: E.A.A.’s

• What does CF mean to you: I’m so proud to represent Combat Fuel and all that they stand for. Their high quality products expertly fuel my training, competitions and recovery which is really important to me.

• Combat Fuel are more than just a supplement brand. They work tirelessly to give back to the community and support the fantastic charity ‘Help for Heroes’ with every product sold!


• Lewis Davis 

Lewis In Uniform  Lewis

• Ambassador

• History: Infantry, 2nd and 1st fusiliers 15 years service. 2 years anti piracy.

• Best moment: Being a part of recce platoon 

• Worst moment: Area cleaning 

• Favourite supplement: Vanilla protein powder (with milk)

• What does CF mean to you: Being a part of Combat Fuel has helped me along my recovery journey it has also given me the drive to redirect my career path retraining as a PT. For me Combat Fuel is not only brilliant supplements, a place to train and improve myself, it is also a place to socialise with members I now consider as friends. Brilliant to see both civilian and military communities coming together training hard to improve.