Combat Fuel

At Combat Fuel our products are designed for everyone. Whether you're a new or seasoned gym goer, male or female and, regardless of age, we have the products to help you lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Supplement your day with our specially formulated, top of the range protein powders, pre-workout, creatine, EAAs, Cyclic Dextrin, Apparel and more.

Combat Fuel was founded by a veteran of the British army who, unfortunately, was medically discharged. Help for Heroes is a charity close to his heart after helping with his recovery. As a direct result of this he has pledged 5% of Combat Fuels profits to Help for Heroes.

Combat Fuel is an official partner of Help for Heroes, we donate 5% of all profits to the charity. So why doesn't it say this on our packaging anymore? This is purely due to legal reasons where the charities commission requires an exact monetary value to be placed on a product upon the point of sale. Rest assured we genuinely donate more than 5p per product sold however, this reduces to 5p per bag of protein on wholesale orders over 1000kg of product shipped. Please see below our official citation with Help for Heroes.

"A minimum of 5p from the sale price of this product will be paid to Help for Heroes Trading Limited which gifts all of its taxable profits to Help for Heroes (a charity registered in England and Wales, number 1120920, and in Scotland, number SCO44984)."



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